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Sand Ceremony

The Unity Sand Ceremony, a celebration that is usually two to three minutes in length, is a meaningful symbolic joining of two lives. In this timeless ritual of marriage, the couple ceremoniously pours two colors of sand from separate containers into one special container, the unity vase, symbolizing their coming together as one.  It provides a way for couples during their wedding ceremony to brilliantly show the joining of the flow of their two lives into a single stream with their individually colored sands joining as one in the Unity Vase.

The flowing sand and blending of the colors in the Unity Sand Ceremony symbolize the bringing together of two lives into one. The blending of the sand represents the union not only of them but their friends and families as well. The separate sands once poured into the unity vase can never be put back into their separate vases. They are forever entwined just as the lives and loves of the bride and groom.

Some couples prefer to leave a small amount of sand in their respective container to show that even though they now function as one, they remain individuals.

*This Ceremony can also include children for couples with blended families.

Ceremony Cost - $65.00 (w/o kit)

Ceremony Cost - $125.00 (w/kit)

Family Ceremony Cost - $95.00 (w/o kit)

Family Ceremony Cost - $155.00 (w/kit)

Tasting of the Four Elements Ceremony

This ceremony is a very fun tradition that involves the couple tasting lemon, vinegar, cayenne pepper, and honey. It represents the sour, bitter, hot, and sweet times of marriage (followed by a celebratory taste of champagne if you wish). Complete ceremony wording is included in the “with kit” pricing.

Ceremony Cost - $65.00 (w/o kit)

Ceremony Cost - $95.00 (w/kit)

The Fisherman's Knot Ceremony


This is a Fisherman’s Knot. This is a very special ceremony signifying that, “The rope will break before the knot comes undone and the knot only gets tighter with pressure.” You can frame it as a special keepsake of the ceremony.


Ceremony Cost  - $55.00 (w/o kit)

Ceremony Cost  - $105.00 (with kit)

 Unity Candle Ceremony

The lighting of the unity candle can be a very meaningful expression in a Christian wedding ceremony, symbolizing the union of two hearts and lives. Some couples choose to light the unity candle while a song is being sung with no verbal explanation given. Another option is for the minister to give a narrative of the candle lighting.

During the lighting of the unity candles, the couple will move toward the unity candles and stand on either side of the candle holders. Typically, two taper candles are placed on either side of the larger pillar candle or unity candle. The taper candles represent the lives of the Bride and Groom as individuals prior to their union in marriage. Together the couple will pick up their individual candles and in unison, they will light the center unity candle. Then they will blow out their own candles, symbolizing the end of their separate lives.

Ceremony Cost - $55.00 (w/o kit)

Ceremony Cost - $105.00 (w/kit)

Stone Ceremony

The Stone Ceremony involves using smooth small stones. The stones are presented to guests, family and the wedding party on their arrival. This is yet another great way to involve everyone present. The guests hold these stones and make a loving wish for the couple’s life together. Some couples provide felt tipped pens for the guests and family to write their names and to add their wish. The stones are then collected and placed in a container as a memento.

Here are a couple variations on stone ceremonies:

Small flat rocks are handed out, blessed and collected to be placed in a container so that the couple will remember that they are loved and supported by their friends and family.

Small flat stones are placed around the couple and their attendants as they stand before their friends and family. The people who place the stones assign a meaning to each stone that is placed. The circle of stones symbolizes the house of love in which the couple will dwell.

Smallish rocks (easily held) are blessed in the same way and collected to be placed in the couple's garden. If the couple moves, the rocks come with them, with the understanding that they are always symbols of the blessings on your marriage which were given to you by your friends and family at your wedding ceremony.

Ceremony Cost - $55.00 (w/o kit)

Ceremony Cost - $95.00 (w/kit)

Glass Breaking Ceremony

The breaking of the glass at the end of a wedding ceremony serves to remind us of two very important aspects of a marriage. The bride and groom should consider these marriage vows as an irrevocable act; just as permanent and final as the breaking of this glass is unchangeable. But the breaking of the glass also is a warning of the fragility of a marriage, for just as glass can be shattered with a single blow, the grace of a marriage bond can be shattered with a single thoughtless act, breach of trust, or infidelity. These things can damage a marriage in ways that are very difficult to undo - just as it would be so difficult to undo the breaking of this glass. The breaking of the glass causes us to be mindful of the needless barriers that people erect between one another and that we can break down the barriers and build a relationship of respect, unity and peace.

(Bride) and (Groom) knowing that this marriage is permanent, and that you should strive to show each other the love and respect befitting your spouse and love of your life. The idea is that the couple’s lives together would be longer than it would take to fit these broken pieces of glass back together again.

Ceremony Cost - $65.00 (w/o kit)

Ceremony Cost - $95.00 (w/kit)

Bed of Roses

Scatter your aisle with vibrant fresh rose petals to create a blissful aisle runway.  Creating aisle decorations for your wedding adds a touch of personality and beauty to your wedding ceremony.


Add-On Cost $195.00 - Fresh Roses 

Add-On Cost $ 105.00 - Artificial Roses

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